Vetramil contains honey with very high levels of natural honey enzymes and antioxidants. As a result, this honey calms sensitive and rough skin. Thanks to the low pH of the honey, Vetramil supports the skin and creates a favorable skin environment.

There are no pharmaceutical substances in Vetramil.

Vetramil contains no preservatives and is residue-free. There are no substances in Vetramil to which animals are known to be allergic.

The effectiveness of Vetramil is partly due to its high concentration of enzyme-rich honey. Honey is naturally sticky but mixing it with an oily ointment makes it pleasant to use.

Vetramil contains specific essential oils aimed at keeping animals from licking it.

The essential oils in Vetramil help keeping animals from licking it. Additionally, they make it a pleasant ointment and are soothing for the skin’s condition.

Essential oils are volatile oils extracted from plants. They are also called aromatic or ethereal oils.

We can't ask the animals, but we can draw from our own experience. If you apply Vetramil to a rough patch of your own skin, you will notice its soothing effect immediately!

Vetramil does not contain any pharmaceutical substances, so you can safely use Vetramil on your pregnant mare.

The sterilization process of the honey used in Vetramil guarantees the absence of viable Clostridium spores in Vetramil.

Vetramil does not contain Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil, but it does contain Niaouli (Melaleuca quinquenervia) oil. Niaouli oil is a mild antibacterial oil with a much lower concentration of active ingredients (including terpenes) than Tea Tree oil.